Membership in the TN-IAI is as follows:

Active Members
Are salaried employees of federal, state, county or municipal governments, some division thereof, and who are actively engaged in the practice of the science of identification, this includes persons engaged in criminal investigations at any level. Annual dues are $25.00 payable prior to March 31st.
Associate Members
All reputable persons wholly or partially engaged in the various phases of scientific investigations, but who may not qualify for Active status. Annual dues are the same as an Active member.
Student Members
Any student of an accredited college or university, full or part time, who is taking courses in order to pursue a career in the various phases of the science of identification or the law enforcement field. Annual dues are $10.00 payable prior to March 31st.
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For new members, please download a Memberhip Application Form
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If you have any questions about being a TN IAI member, contact Elizabeth Reid, TN IAI Treasurer
[Membership applications are reviewed and voted on at board meetings]